Tam District Remote Learning Resources

The Tam District is committed to providing ongoing learning opportunities to all of our students. Teachers will be communicating with students via email to provide instructions for accessing the daily learning activities. Teachers will use a variety of tools, such as Google Classroom, Canvas Learning Management System and websites to provide instruction to students. On this site, you will find tips for remote learning and resources for augmenting the learning experience. Teachers will email students with remote learning instructions for their specific class. If a student does not receive instructions, they should email the teacher directly. To access school email and other school related applications students should log into the Tamdistrict portal.

Learning Remotely

  • Daily Schedule: Students should maintain the same daily schedule as if they were in school. Therefore, if a student has English class during 1st period, they should work on assignments and activities for English class during that same time at home. This will provide a sense of continuity and order.

  • Be Sure to Move: It is highly recommended that students get some exercise, outdoors if safely possible, each day.

  • Defined Learning Space: If possible, carve out a defined learning space that can be used for completing school work.

  • Reach Out: If you have questions or need further instruction, please email your teachers as soon as possible.

  • Continue to Collaborate: Collaboration fosters learning and eases the sense of isolation. Form a virtual study group with friends through Google Hangout or other meeting apps.