World Wide Certification

TuBro Innovative Compliance Solutions our BUSINESS !!

"Zero injuries does not indicate the presence of safety!!"

A good health and safety record is a source of competitive advantage: it builds trust in your reputation and brand, while poor health and safety performance will directly affect profitability and can result in loss of trade or even closure of the business.

In this competitive era, the manufacturing of safe & globally compliant product is the need of the present time. The products which are safe to use are getting the preference over the cost of the same.

We, TuBroTICs aiming to educate our clients to manufacture the safe & globally compliant products with awareness trainings and practical approach.


TuBro TICs vision is to launch important technical services which aims to cover majority of technical areas including product, material & component testing, national & international approvals, compliance services, third party inspections, training on various subject matters, verification & validation services, auditing activities, calibration services, R&D activities, organizing the recruitment of skilled man power, and many other customized requirements.

TuBro TICs aims to enter in the market with a unique strategy to provide “ONE STOP SOLUTION”!

TuBroTICs is also aiming to support Indian Industry to manufacture their product to compete at Global level & determined to educate and train the industries to extend effective support for "Make in India" campaign with export oriented approach implementing the safe & quality product.

Majority of the services offered to various segments with cost effective solution under one roof shall be the primary goal of the company.