TSF West Coast Region U.S.A.

Welcome to the West Coast Station, one of many stops along your Stoic journey. Like the Stoic Fellowship itself, the West Coast Region consists of all volunteers and depends on grass-root efforts for all its energy and momentum. On this site you will find many opportunities to meet other Stoics, and find ideas and opportunities to help you practice virtue.

Our Collective Mission

To be a living and vibrant Stoic community that contributes positively to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world; employing Reason to live, learn and love, as we aspire to wisdom, temperance, justice and fortitude.

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Contact: james@stoicfellowship.com

Regional Fellowship Calendar 2019

January - February Fellowship Activity

March - Season Kick-off

April - Month of Service

July - Month of Practice

August - Philosophical Olympics

October - Stoicon and Stoicon-X

November - December - Fellowship Activity


Join local Stoics giving back to their communities and pursuing virtue in service to others.


As Musonius promoted: practice is more powerful than theory in terms of successfully pursuing virtue.

Stay tuned for details on the second annual Pan Stoa Games - coming August 2019!

Some ways to engage:

With the support of community, embark on the reading of the Stoic masters: Musonius, Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus

  • Explore with the community the "Letters" of Seneca. As an individual or group, join us on Facebook as we work to achieve the goal of reading this foundational text in 2019. Get your copy today: TSF Amazon Link

  • Work on a 2019 Activity Sheet - a work in progress, these sheets contain some ideas and a way to track your practice for individual and group effectiveness.

Individual Sheet

Team/Stoa Sheet

Turn the change you find on the ground

into a way

to change the world!

Last year the Phoenix Fund, which is an endowment created to fund the operations and aspirations of The Stoic Fellowship, started by one person picking up a penny off the ground outside a gas station. Beginning with that penny, alert eyes from Feb. - Sept. 2017 and with Support from the Redwood Stoa raised nearly $20 for the fund. A humble beginning, but also an amazing journey.

*In 2018 the West Coast Community contributed $61.91 to the Phoenix Fund. Great job Wombats!

Join us this 2019 season by dedicating the change you find to the Phoenix Fund or your favorite charity.


  • Regional Art Exhibition

*Send in artwork for the cover of the Region's monthly update

*Create wombat art for a Region bookmark

*Help create the poster for the July practice event

*Showcase your Song and musical talents at StoiconX with original compositions

*Other possible projects - artwork for a flag, shield, calendar, official region awards, website and more.

Email today for details! james@stoicfellowship.com

There are many ways to be involved. Find the path that's right for you! Welcome to the West Coast, U.S.A. community!!!

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