Hsin-Tien (Tiffany) Tsai

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

National University of Singapore

Office: 1 Arts Link, AS2 #04-45, 117568

Email: ttsai@nus.edu.sg ​

Research Fields: Industrial Organization, Digital Economy, Fintech

I'm hiring a full-time RA. See the position details here.


Working Papers

Mobile Apps and Targeted Advertising: Competitive Effects of Data Exchange (with Ding Li)

Steering via Algorithmic Recommendations (with Nan Chen), R&R, The RAND Journal of Economics

The Real Impact of FinTech: Evidence from Mobile Payment Technology (with Sumit Agarwal, Wenlan Qian, Yuan Ren, and Bernard Yeung)


Advantageous Selection with Intermediaries: A Study of GSE-Securitized Mortgage Loans, forthcoming, The RAND Journal of Economics [Online Appendix]

Welfare Implications of Congestion Pricing: Evidence from SFpark (with Pnina Feldman and Jun Li), 2021, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 24(2), 1091–1109

Work in Progress

Incidence of Platform Fees: Evidence from Amazon Marketplace

Poaching Incumbents' Customers: The Case When Launching an NFT Platform (with Gang Guo)

Dynamic Competition in Price and Availability (with Nan Chen)

Technical Report

Instant Inclusive Payment Systems: An Evidence-based Approach from Design to Impact (with Hussam Razi, Philip Roessler, and Russell Toth)