that is safe, protected, and caring is the beginning of something better happening


Truth-sharing with people we trust is a powerful force for moving through personal challenges, and the predecessor to a better, more caring world.

If you currently don’t have anyone in your life with whom you can safely share your most intimate thoughts and feelings, you can proactively seek out others and form your own unique truth-sharing group.

Two simple agreements are all that's necessary. 1. agreeing to be honest and, 2. keeping everything shared confined to the room. Just set a specific time and place for meeting on a regular basis.

Of course, you can always open your group to others. Should you decide to do that, the long-standing Southside Mens Group, in Bloomington, Minnesota is a good archetype to look at for designing a working process.

It started in 1981 when one person, Earnie Larsen, invited a few men to meet weekly for sharing the truth about themselves and their relationships. From there it grew to 5, 20 and 100—so many the group had to split into two groups, Northside and Southside. Others have sprung up around the nation as well.

The "Working Guide" which contains its purpose, principles and processes has evolved over 37 years. Not only can it help you in forming your group, it facilitates self-examination outside of the group itself.

In the bigger picture, Truth-sharing builds a more caring world as it ripples out to effect the lives of others. So please. Do what you can to spread the word. Pass on this web site,

Note: In the menu under “Groups” you can register your group for attracting others. Or, you can express your interest in attending a t-s group if and when one starts near you.