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Security Consultations

(Not offered at this time.)

Corporate Security Training and Consultation

CEO, CTO, or HR, and need corporate training or a consultation?

Trueflame Tech provides specialized security training that takes complex cybersecurity issues relevant to your industry and translates them to real-world, easy-to-understand advice.

Business-class security training, consulting, and assistance with hiring an IT team are all things we handle for you.

Whether you need training for your management, employees, or even clients, we have a personalized solution just for you.

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Security is important, and too few are talking about it.

It's not enough to get your security information in tidbits from the local news headlines anymore, as record breaches of Anthem and Yahoo! prove.

Where can you turn for help?

Who can filter through the technical details and provide real-world, practical advice?

Dear Reader,

Cybersecurity (more modernly known as Information Security, and commonly shortened to ‘InfoSec’) is one of the most widespread threats of our time. Whether it’s your client information payment data, PHI, or intellectual property - it’s valuable, and needs to be properly protected.

While there’s plenty of generic warnings, technical security advisories, and headline news to get intimidated by - there’s a startling lack of experts willing or able to translate that deluge of raw information into a usable set of steps to get secure.

With years of experience, and a combination of technical and training skill sets - I can turn that deluge into a controllable (and comprehensible) stream that we can work with.

Let's work together to weather the storm.

If you're a business owner, IT department, or HR -

You're in the right place.

Business-class security training, consulting, and assistance with hiring an IT team are all things we handle for you.

Here's how to get started.

  • Whether you need to get your management team, general staff, or even clients (in cases such as banks and MSPs) up to date on cybersecurity - we can form a lecture and consulting package just for you.

  • If you're hiring to educate at your business, I'll work with you to make sure your defenses are up to date - and if they're not, I'll help you create a real, actionable road-map to reasonable security.

  • I will work with you to cover all the pain points specific to your industry (even locality) in a way even the layman can understand.

  • Don't have an IT team, but need one? Or, does your IT team need a helping hand? I'll personally work with you to interview local Managed Service Providers (outside IT teams) that can either provide a, or supplement existing, IT infrastructure.

To get on the road towards a more secure future, reach out by emailing me at - or, by calling me at 585-857-9081.

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