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I'm picky. You should be too.

I like to keep things simple and affordable - the sale isn't over just because it's in your hands.

Every device sold includes an hour of tutoring and data transfer from your old device.

It's hard to argue with an all-inclusive experience.

Learn more about how we choose what to sell here.


The Affordable Pro Laptop - Refurbished ThinkPad - $475

These laptops are built to last, and are leagues ahead of what any consumer-grade technology in this price range is new. With more storage, durability, screen space, and port options (see that DVD drive?) than anything you can buy in a retail store, it's no surprise this model is a favorite of nerds and businesses alike.

I personally use one of these in my work, and it is one of my favorite laptops ever released.

The Affordable Web Browsing Laptop - Refurbished Chromebook - $275

I have personally owned this unit, and sold several.

While Chromebooks aren't perfect for everyone - if your needs are limited to web browsing, movie streaming, video calling, and basic document and presentation tasks - Chromebooks are literally one of the best things to happen for the technology-phobic among us.

Do you say,"I'm not tech-savvy," often, and happen to be on a budget?

This may be perfect for you. Fast, light, long battery life - and it is the easiest to use computer I've ever come across. Color options vary on availability - this price is hard to reproduce, and I can't always find them!

Need something else? Just tell me your budget!

I don't carry a stock, so if you need something else, I'll try to find it for you within your price range!

Custom, High End Desktops for Gaming and Production Use - $600 and Up

Trueflame Tech has partnered with JD's Computer Services in Middle Tennessee to provide high-end gaming and production workstations. JD and I will work with you to determine what fits your needs best (or you can choose from his extensive list!) and he'll ship the completed workstation to Trueflame Tech for delivery and setup at your house. Shipping, monitors, and peripherals not included in listed prices - but there's no surprises. We'll work with you to make sure you have everything you need!

Phones and Tablets

These phones are not subsidized - but rather, bought outright. This saves you a ton on your monthly bill. For many, a GOOD smartphone plan is only $40/month!

The Affordable, Quality Smartphone - $215

If you think I'm picky about computers - and I am - don't even get me started on smartphones. So few models are worth buying that it makes me sick.

Only in the last two years have good yet affordable options been unveiled. The best part? This phone is compatible with every major carrier, and the price you see here is actually what you pay. No gimmicks, no subsidization through contracts. Pay once, and pick a carrier that works for you. I can help you pick one for your area.

The Affordable, Higher-End Smartphone - $315

So you need a little more oomph? Want a better camera, a bit more speed, and a bigger screen?

I've got you covered. With all the advantages of the former model and more power when you need it, this is truly a fantastic phone.

Just like the last one - any carrier, and I'll help you find one that works for your area.

The Affordable Quality Tablet - $375

To be honest, the technology in tablets hasn't really hit that sweet spot for me, where high-tech and low-price meet. I tried to find a tablet for this slot that was cheaper and not a piece of garbage, but I couldn't find a single one. I think we'll see prices drop considerably over the next year or so as new technologies emerge.

That said, if you really want a tablet right now, this is the one I recommend. Fast, up to date, and pretty - this thing could definitely serve as most folks' only device. With a 9.7" screen, you won't be peering at it in a vain attempt to actually read what's on the display.


Modern, Simple, and Secure Router - $250

In the light of major security breaches like KRACK, it is more important than ever to buy your devices from companies that will keep them up top date with security patches - else, you need to buy new ones every time a major security event happens. And that's crazy.

This router is made by a company that has consistently put out excellent products - Ubiquiti.

Limited Budget Options

Beat-Up But Functional 11.6" Chromebook - $150

Not the prettiest condition, but it works! If you're on a budget, these little machines will get you through.

The Cheap 7" Tablet - $150

This little device is the only one close to having value in it's price bracket. It'll work for email, social media, and video streaming without much issue.

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