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I take partners seriously.

If someone is listed on this page, I trust them with my brand image. That's a big deal.

No one is perfect - but if you, as my client, have a serious issue with any partner listed here, let me know.

If they're here, they're recommended.

JD's Computer Services

Based in Middle Tennessee, JD specializes in Mac upgrades for pro users, and custom, high-end, PC builds for the same market. If that's what you're looking for, reach out to him at:



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CoreMac - Macintosh Repair

Christine Cormack, the owner of CoreMac, is an authorized repair technician with more than 25 years experience with Macintosh computers. If you need your Mac upgraded or repaired (something I prefer not to do!) reach out to her at:

(585) 546-5950

Mention Robbie and Trueflame Tech!