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  • Legal? All the tools here are merely links to free resources, and thus perfectly legal.
  • Link to x is broken! Please let me know if any links are broken by submitting a ticket.
  • Why don't you include x? Feel free to shoot me suggestions by submitting a ticket.
  • Why are you helping competition? What the mainstream calls 'nerd' culture today is really an offshoot of the original 'hacker' culture. The term 'hacker' didn't always have a negative connotation -it was about open sharing of knowledge. I wouldn't have been able to do what I have done without these open-minded communities. I want to give back.
  • What's the goal of this page? I want to build a list of the best resources out there. A list that would make younger me say,

"Wow, nice! Bookmarking that!"

Amazing Communities & Learning

Free Software and Simple Tools

For everyone!

Free Software

  1. Revo Uninstaller - Helps with uninstallation of buggy applications on Windows.
  2. CCleaner - Performs system maintenance.
  3. WinDirStat - See what's taking up your harddrive space.
  4. Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP)
  5. ImgBurn - Free, full-featured burning software
  6. F.Lux - Makes the screen easier to look at after extended periods of time. Apple and Microsoft have both recently built this feature into their operating systems, but this software allows you to have blue-light filters on earlier releases - or, if you wish, more granular control.
  7. ShotCut Video Editor - The best free and simple video editor.
  8. Freemake Tools - One stop shop for downloading and converting videos from and to any format. Watch out for malware in the installer - uncheck everything!
  9. PC Decrapifier - Heard of Microsoft Signature? It's basically just a PC confirmed by Microsoft to have no included junkware. This is the closest thing to automating the process of removing said junkware from your store-bought PC.
  10. Defraggler - Best tool for defragmenting that aging harddrive. Have an SSD or Windows 10? You probably don't need this.
  11. Speccy - Need to know the specs of that machine? Gotcha covered.
  12. Listary - This tool makes file-browsing in Windows a breeze for keyboard-players. Allows you to open a prompt anywhere.
  13. DeskDrive - Finally, a tool that shows plugged in storage media like Mac OS and Linux DE's.
  14. MyDefrag - Advanced defragmenting tool with a unique 'defrag on screensaver' option. Not really needed if you have an SSD, or Windows 7 and above.
  15. Windows Live Essentials 2012 - Includes Windows Live Mail, Movie Maker, and so on. Functions in Windows 10. I do prefer the featureful ShotCut Video Editor over Movie Maker though, and the much more up-to-date Nylas Mail over the Live Mail client.
  16. Joy2Key - Great to map keyboard keys to joysticks and controllers/pads.
  17. x360ce - Great to do the reverse of the above - make up a virtual controller from any combo of buttons.
  18. ColdTurkey - Keeps you productive by blocking the things that aren't.
  19. Adobe Flash Uninstaller - Remove a vulnerability.
  20. Ninite's quick, easy software bulk install tool.

ProTip: Need to backup your most important documents, automatically? Check out the free or paid versions of Dropbox!

Advanced Tools Section

More technical resources for experienced users. Use at your own risk!

Manual Malware Removal

  1. RKILL Malware Process Killer
  2. GMER Easy Rootkit remover, directions included on website
  3. SMITFRAUDFIX For removal of smitfraud variants
  4. Combofix For removal of a number of malwares
  5. HijackThis For manual removal of malware
  6. VundoFix For manual removal of vundo (WinFixer, Amaena, WinAntiVirus, ErrorSafe, SystemDoctor and DriveCleaner)
  7. SDFix For manual removal of Trojans and Worms. Must be logged on as admin in safe mode to work properly. If still not working, refer to this page for info.
  8. VIPRE Rescue Installable rootkit and malware scanner that can be run from command line
  9. Hitman Pro is one of the best in this list.

Hardware Tests and Utilities

  1. Memtest86+ - Memory test
  2. Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics - WD HDD Test (Like GWSCAN, but runs in windows)
  3. HDDScan - Generic Hard Drive Test tool. Quite powerful.
  4. SD Card Fixer - This can fix cards that can no longer be read in some circumstances. Life saver.
  5. SpeedFan - Control your computer's fan speed, and keep on eye on temperature.
  6. iFunBox - Gain access to the iOS filesystem for manual recovery.

Legacy Direct Updates

  1. Windows XP SP2 Installer
  2. Windows XP SP3 Installer
  3. Windows Vista SP1 Installer
  4. Windows Vista SP2 Installer - 32-Bit / 64-Bit
  5. Windows 7 SP1 Installers
  6. Internet Explorer 7 Installer
  7. Internet Explorer 8 Installer

Misc. Resources and Fixes

  1. EasyBCD - Used to modify the Vista/W7 boot configuration database.
  2. EASEUS Partition tool - Simple partition manager software. Minitool is also good.
  3. Windows XP File Association Fixes
  4. Microsoft's own General Help Page
  5. Windows Vista / 7 File Association Fixes
  6. Windows Update Online
  7. LSPFix - repair LSP and winsock - For XP networking issues.
  8. Blank Host file - Place into C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc if you can't access websites you used to in Windows 7 and earlier.
  9. MSKB: Messages stuck in Win Mail - Howto fix for a common problem on Windows Vista.
  10. Reset Registry Permissions - Used to fix "Access Denied" errors installing Service Packs and updates (XP only). Extract, run MSI file, then run CMD file. If window opens then closes right away, copy to and run from C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kit\Tools
  11. RunOnce Remover - Removes the "Welcome to IE7" on first run
  12. IE6 Reset Tool - Resets IE6 somewhat like hitting "Reset" in IE7
  13. Windows XP Installer Fix - Resets and re-registers Windows Installer components (WinXP/2k 32-bit only)
  14. Windows XP Installer Reinstaller - Removes all versions of Windows Installer, restarts, and starts install of Installer 4.5 (WinXP SP2+)
  15. Group Policy Installer/Repair for XP Home/Pro
  16. DriverMax - Copy drivers from one machine to another.
  17. Kelly's Korner - XP Registry fixes
  18. Microsoft FixIt Center - Diagnoses common issues and offers solutions.
  19. Fast Fix For "Admin set policies to prevent this installation" Error - Win XP Only
  20. Alternative Fix "Admin set policies to prevent this installation" Error - Win XP Only
  21. Print Spooler Reset Tool - Run, choose "Light Mode" to just reset spooler, choose "Full Mode" to reset everything relating to printers, *Will need to reinstall all printers afterwords*
  22. Enable Task Manager - Download and run
  23. Show all Hidden/Nonpresent Devices
  24. Fix add/remove administrative error
  25. Autoplay Repair Tool
  26. Upper/Lower Filter Fix - If your CD/DVD drive won't work in Windows inexplicably, try this.
  27. CompactGUI - Shrink application file sizes in Windows.
  28. Legacy ASIO Behringer USB driver - Better than the newer stuff. 32-bit / 64-bit
  29. EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
  30. BIOS password revealer for Dell Latitudes
  31. Copy iPhone text messages to PC

Bootable Tools

More advanced tools.

Easy2Boot Tool - Allows for booting multiple ISO's from a USB Flash Drive. Website looks scammy and ease of use is non-existent, but if you can get it working - it's amazing.

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