Leadership Plan

Core Values

Trust our Training: Molon Labe - “Come and take them.” King Leonidas

The more one invests, the more difficult it is to surrender. At Troy, we believe that we want to invest in the work necessary to be elite. We aim to maximize tenacity, strength, flexibility, and grit in the weightroom as well as maximizing talent, skill, and endurance on the field. This is only possible through adhering to this core value. Everything we do must be done at a speed and tenacity reflecting that of a football game.

Refine our Character: “Honesty and integrity are essentials for success in life – all areas of life. The good news is that anyone can develop honesty and character.” ~ Zig Ziglar

One way to help us maintain our focus on our program goals is to practice and teach character. Character means doing the right thing regardless of circumstances, and we want to teach this invaluable life-lesson to our athletes. If we can convince them of the truth that the genesis of success is what you are doing when no one is looking, then we will have a football team that is seeking to do the right thing in all areas of their life. This will force our athletes to deal with some unpleasant conflict in their lives; however, when they recognize that they have several others around them seeking to do the same, refining character will become a bit easier.

Own our Response: “When we are unable to change our circumstances, we are forced to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

It is a matter of fact that we cannot control any events that occur on a daily basis. We cannot control how other people behave nor can we control circumstances; however, the only thing we can control is how we respond to those events. The power of controlling our response puts us in the best possible position to get the positive outcomes we desire. We must be a team that chooses to engage with disciplined responses as opposed to default responses (above the line behavior). When individuals choose discipline over default, the outcome is a positive behavior and, as a team, when we consistently exercise positive behavior, an elite culture can be realized.

Yield to our Team: "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." ~ Vince Lombardi

Being aware of others is a skill that must be developed on our team. When we are able to think of the team before we think of ourselves, it frees us up to achieve amazing things. We must avoid the trap of thinking about what the team can provide for individual gain and train our minds to think about what the team will gain when we give our best efforts. When we yield to our team, amazing things will take place. Achieving a fierce competitive edge is done through superior preparation and a greater willingness to sacrifice for one’s team.


Practicing these core values will allow us to submit to the greater good of our team, our legacy, and our community while refining character, maximizing talent, and creating a culture of family.

We desire for all stakeholders to be swept away in something larger than themselves. We truly believe great things are not accomplished by individuals but by several people binding together towards a common goal. The goal is for everyone involved in the organization to think about our team, legacy, and community before their personal desires. Submission to our legacy is rooted in our desire to uphold the Troy Football program’s history. Submitting to our community is rooted in our hope that the community of Fullerton will have a platform to communicate the worthiness of its inhabitants, and the football program would be one vehicle to express that.

One of our goals is to lead our players through a journey of character refinement. Football, by its very nature, is a sport filled with affliction. Football requires great determination and focus even when one is physically exhausted, and we hope to guide players towards continually doing the right thing no matter the external circumstances. We also believe that maximizing talent is one of our main priorities. As an entity, one of our criteria for how we define success will be based on how close we are able to get our players to perform at their very best. Finally, we believe in creating a culture of family. As stated before, being a part of something bigger than oneself is powerful. We do not seek to replace the family unit; however, we will enforce values that exist in a healthy family environment: sacrifice, sincerity, friendliness, submission, and love. When we bind together and work towards common goals, we will have a lasting impact beyond the four years student-athletes spend in our football program.


The vision for the Troy Football Program is to use the cerebral nature of the Troy student-athlete in order to create a vibrant program that develops the whole athlete to “be elite” in its uncompromising pursuit of city, Freeway League, and CIF championships.