Why Use an ePortfolio?

In the article “Reflection4Learning”, the focus is on the importance of reflection and how ePortfolios are one way to allow people to reflect. It gives many researched reasons and resources that explain why it’s important to reflect as part of the learning cycle. It goes on to discuss that we do not learn from our experiences but due to our reflection of our experiences. By reflecting, we are able to deepend our learning through experience, reflection, abstraction, and active testing (Zull, 2002).

While all of the information surrounding the “why” of reflection was very interesting, I was drawn more to the section about Storytelling as Reflection. I have a background in English and I have always agreed that narrating learning through writing, or even orating, can be very powerful to the learning process. ePortfolios allow students to reflect through “narrative inquiry” or create an “unpretentious narrative.” Many agree that we learn best by doing and teaching to others. Storytelling allows us to reflect by narrating it first for ourselves and then share it with others. In this day and age, we can write it, create a presentation, or even a video. The ePortfolio allows us to house our various forms of reflection for us to view as well as for others. We know as educators that not just modeling how to do something but even our thought processes is very valuable, so allowing others to view your thought process can help them learn and see the world in a completely different way. If we were to allow students the opportunity to share their own way of learning with others in their own way, on their own ePortfolio, then the possibilities are endless to deepen their learning!


Zull, J. (2002) The Art of Changing the Brain. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing