Right/Wrong with Education

As mentioned in Seth Godin's "Stop Stealing Dreams" (2012), the why of education has changed dramatically since the industrialization age. We aren’t training people to go work in factories anymore, and therefore, how we “train” students should reflect what they will be able to do in this day and age.

The world is a very different place than it was even twenty years ago. The possibilities are endless and we are all connected in this digital age.

Michael Fullan states the new position of the CIO in many organizations being 30-40 year olds and the difference with them compared to their predecessors would be their ability and yearning to learn.

I don’t necessarily think that people or students today want to learn more than students before, but the opportunity is present and more readily available. Kids and teenagers are already learning at a rapid pace when it comes to areas in which they are interested because they can just go look up on Youtube or Google it.

I think the world, especially education, needs to step up and take notice that students aren’t learning only within the walls of the classroom anymore.