Summer Camps 2016

Dear Troop 835,

Registration for Summer Camp will begin in just a few short weeks!!!!

Thank you to those who have already completed the summer camp poll. However, I’m pretty sure, that there are more scouts in Troop 835 that I have not heard from yet who will want to experience awesomeness at BSA Summer Camp in 2016.

So here is the link again. *Summer Camp Poll – google* link

{Webmaster Note: See Member Only Section for signup link, or see Ann’s 2/22/16 email}


Please take a few minutes to answer the questions and submit your response for each scout or adult attending.

This is the first step, finding out who is going? The next step will be

figuring out which merit badges your scout wants to enroll in?

In addition, I will begin *collecting a $100 deposit per scout beginning March 1st – thru March 15th. *

Even though the registration cut off dates are in May, it’s important to understand that *Merit Badge (MB) sign-up begins on March 15th. If I do not have a deposit for your scout I will not be able to start selecting the MB sessions they want or need to complete.

*Many of the popular sessions and/or eagle required MB fill up quickly (especially at Daniel Boone). So the sooner I get your scout’s deposit and MB requests, the more likely your scout will get the schedule they want.

Our Troop currently has reservations on these two camps –

*Raven Knob (June 19 – 25) – $315 for base camp for the week. *

May 29th is the cut off date for registration at RK*.*

*Camp Daniel Boone (July 10-16) – $310 for base camp for the week. *

May 13th is the cut off date for any refunds from CDB.

Here are links to both Camp sites. Look through the Leaders Guide to getan idea of what each camp has to offer.

Both camps have excellent programs for first year scouts and both offer a wide variety of Merit Badge sessions.

We need* Adult Leaders* to assist scouts at Camp Raven Knob. Attending half week is an option. Please, let me know if you are interested in being an adult leader.

Feel free to contact me via email or at the number below if you have

questions or concerns regarding summer camp. I will be at the Wednesday meetings to answer any questions.

Happy camping!

Best regards,

Ann Glover

Troop 835

Summer Camp Coordinator