Parents on outings

Hi Parents,

As you know, one thing that sets Troop 835 apart is our family friendly policy of encouraging parents and siblings to attend our outings whenever space and resources allow. We love doing this, but it also requires that we honor some standards that let us keep Troop 835 the troop-led environment that teaches our scouts collaboration and self-sufficiency.

Consider staying home for your Scout’s first trip with the Troop. You and your Scout will be surprised at how successful and independent they can be, and if they do fail, they’ll be doing it in a safe, supportive environment where they can learn.

Come on trips because it will be a fun trip, not because your Scout needs you there.

If you choose to come on our outings,

- Remember that parents and siblings are part of the Adult/Sibling Patrol on all trips. Your scout is expected to eat all meals, sleep, and attend activities with their patrol. You should plan those things with the Adult/Sibling Patrol. You will see your scout on trips, but he should not be relying on you for meals, accommodations or activities.

- Give your scout space to learn skills and bond with the other members of their patrol. If you find your scout repeatedly asking you for things or spending time with the adult patrol, please send them back to their Patrol Leader. If needed ask the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmasters for help redirecting them.

- Ensure that your Scout has all the supplies needed for the outing, separate from your supplies. If they forget something, fellow Scouts can help, and they should consult their Patrol Leader or the Senior Patrol Leader for help, not you. Sharing your supplies will weaken collaboration between your Scout and their peers.

- Be ready to assist or teach scouts when called upon by Troop leadership. We often need adults to help keep Scouts focused on tasks or to teach skills (building fire, pitching tents, rescuing ruined dinners, cleaning, etc.) or conduct Boards of Review, and you may be called upon to assist.

I look forward to having families on our trips. It is a great opportunity to meet the great families that make up Troop 835 and show Scouts and siblings all the great things that Scouting is. Your Scoutmaster, Brandon C. L. Rector