Camping Trips

Troop 835 Car camping list. As with the backing packing list, it’s best to pack ​NO COTTON clothing. Take nothing cotton on a camping trip. ​While weight is not as important car camping, staying warm and dry is! remember “cotton kills”.....

1. Rain gear (always and forever)!!

2. Warm layers (unless forecast is 80 plus, always bring some extra warm clothes)

- Lightweight warm jacket or vest (could be layered under raincoat to keep extra warm)

- Lightweight stocking cap

- Wool or polyester socks

- Polypro long underwear

- Light fleece gloves

3. Main clothes - 1 dry set (what you arrive in) and 1 extra set, possibly 1 “wet set” if swimming/boating

- Pair of lightweight wicking pants--nylon or similar

- Hiking shirt or t-shirt, long sleeve. Polyester, synthetic, or wool. Not cotton.

- If boating/swimming involved, bring one extra set of clothes to be your “wet clothes” - swim suit and swim shirt or extra t-shirt.

4. Sock/underwear

- (x) pairs of wicking socks matching the number of days you will be out.

- Underwear.

​5​. ​Crocs or other lightweight shoes for camp.

- If boating bring shoes that say on your feet - old sneakers, water shoes, tevas - not flip flops!

6. Sleeping bag

7. Pillowcase -you can stuff things in it to make a pillow

8. Sleeping pad

9. Tent or hammock - know who you are sharing your tent with...

10. Miscellaneous:

- Water bottle (very important!)

- Matches

- Headlamp or very light flashlight--pack this in a pocket where you can get at it

- Extra batteries--just enough

- Mess kit for yourself, containing a bowl and an eating utensil, a cup.

- Hiking first aid kit

- Compass

- Map, in a plastic zip-lock.

- Small mirror

- Whistle

- Sunglasses

- Baseball cap—wool or synthetic, as always, not cotton - if boating, make sure it has a brim to keep sun off the face!

- Sunscreen

- Deet (as required)

- Lip balm

- Bandana

- Small Swiss army type knife

- Small toothbrush

- Soap for hands/body

- Plastic grocery bags for packing out trash

- Camp chair

12. Cooking - each patrol should bring these, which should be in your patrol boxes:

- Cooking stove

- Fuel for the cook stove

- Assorted pots, as needed based on menu

- Spatulas, large spoons, or whatever cooking utensils are needed, based on menu

- Can opener, if needed

- Garbage bags

Wear to the trip:

- Scout pants. nylon, zip off, quick drying.

- Class B wicking t-shirt.

- Fleece Jacket

- Wicking poly or smartwool hiking socks.

- Hiking boots or sneakers.