Camp Yawgoog

We hope everyone had a great time at Camp Yawgoog this summer!


  • Arrival: Sunday, August 11, 2019 (early evening)
  • Departure: Sunday, August 18, 2019 (after the end-of-week Dress Parade, approx. 2pm)


  • Hat Deposit Incentive: Due April 20, 2019. Each year Camp Yawgoog produces an official cap which is distinct for the year. Every scout who submits their $25 registration deposit by the due date above will receive a hat at Yawgoog.
  • Final Payment: is due by the June Court of Honor. The 2019 fee for Camp Yawgoog is $435 per Scout. As a reminder, you can always use the scout’s individual Adventure Fund to pay for some or all of Camp Yawgoog.
  • Sibling Discount: Yawgoog offers a discount to families that send two or more siblings tocamp. In 2019 the discount is $50 for each sibling.
  • Camp Scholarships: It is the policy of Troop 1 Seekonk and of Narragansett Council that no scout should be denied a camp experience due to financial constraints. The Narragansett Council has established a Campership Fund to assist our Scouting families. Click here for more information.
  • Questions: Please direct all payments and money questions to our treasurer at Please direct all other Yawgoog questions to any adult leader at a meeting or email.


  • Medical Forms: are needed for all scout activities, not just Yawgoog. If your scout is not attending Yawgoog a medical form is still required. The medical forms are only good for one year.
  • All scouts and adults staying overnight at Yawgoog will need sections A, B & C filled out.
  • Please return the medical forms to the Scoutmaster by the June Court of Honor. There is a lot of paperwork associated with camp Yawgoog and it would greatly help if you get your medical forms in right away. This allows time to review the forms to ensure everything is filled out properly.
  • You can get an Adobe writable version of the medical form here: BSA Medical Form
  • Special Needs/Diet: If you have special needs/diet requests please notify either the Scoutmaster or any adult leader. All Yawgoog dining halls offer special diets for those with medical or religious reasons. Find more information from the Yawgoog Chef here.


  • Foot locker: It is advised that each Scout bring a foot locker or heavy plastic bin to Camp. This helps to keep their clothing and personal items together neatly and offers a play surface for games.
  • Suggested Packing List: can be found below
  • Medications: All medication must be handed to the Scoutmaster or the Assistant Scoutmaster upon check-in. Medications must be in their original bottles with the scout’s name on it. Parents need to sign release form.
  • Spending Money: The Committee suggests $35-$40 per scout. Hand to the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster upon check-in. Ones and fives in an envelope with the scout’s name and dollar amount written on the outside.
  • Merit Badges: Prior to camp each scout should review the Merit Badges offered and their prerequisites (if any). Merit Badges are listed on the Yawgoog website here: Merit Badges. Also, the time slots that Merit Badges are available are listed here.
  • Swimming: All first year scouts and any other scout needing the swimming Merit Badge (eagle required), must pack a lightweight, long sleeve shirt and pair of pants to complete badge. (No jeans)
  • OA Brothers: Be sure to bring your sash.


  • Arrival Sunday: We get pizza for dinner on Sunday night. If you don’t eat pizza, you are welcome to bring a bag supper.
  • Sunday Night: At the camp fire, troop leaders will refresh scouts about do and don’ts. This includes what, who and where to report matters to within our troop and Yawgoog staff. We ask all parents to review with their scouts the “parents' guide” found in their scout handbook.
  • Family BBQ: From past experiences with Yawgoog Family BBQ, we suggest you bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the parade field while waiting for your scout to be dismissed.
  • Identification: All adult leaders in camp will be required to wear ID Bands while on the reservation with their troops. All visitors are required to check-in at the Bucklin Office and receive a visitor band prior to visiting troop, adult leaders or scouts.


1. Personal firearms, ammunition, bows, fireworks and flammable liquids or items are not allowed in camp or in Yawgoog by the scouts (only those supplied by the shooting sports area are to be used.)

2. Adult leaders reserve the right to a search a trunk. If an adult suspects that any unsafe and/or prohibited items are in the trunk we will search the trunk in a proper manner (Two adult leaders).

3. Any unsafe actions are subject to being sent home and further disciplinary action.

4. Sheath knives, skateboards and bicycles are not allowed at camp. Any such equipment brought to camp must be delivered to the camp director when the unit checks in. It will be returned when the unit checks out.

5. No pets of any kind, with an exception for service animals, are allowed in camp.

6. Other Items Yawgoog Scout Reservation STRONGLY RECOMMENDS YOU NOT BRING To Camp: Radios or tape/cd/mp3/ipods players; Electronic games; Cell phones or pagers; Other electronic devices to camp. Experience has shown these can disrupt both the scout’s camping experience and the camping experience of others. Summer Camp is an outdoor experience.