Leadership: A key focus of the troop is developing each scout’s effective leadership. To be an effective leader requires learning how to communicate effectively with adults, other scouts, and the community. Effective leadership includes planning activities and outings, and guiding and leading fellow scouts. Being an effective leader requires engagement with others in and out of the troop. The principles of EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Empower) is taught and used regularly. Every scout is encouraged to learn leadership skills and employ them. to plan and execute the Scouting program for the troop.

Communication: By nature, a troop is a group of people committed to the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Scouting is dependent on our ability to form and build relationships. Communication is central to all aspects of Scouting. While we learn to speak and listen as children, Scouting provides opportunities to learn effective communication with fellow scouts, adults and others in larger group settings.

Effective communication requires scouts to be capable of speaking with others, sharing ideas in a public speaking setting and listening effectively to the input from others. A scout will also have opportunities to practice communicating in written form. Finally, scouting helps mentor young adults as they navigate the world of digital communications. A scout strives to be truthful, courteous and cheerful in how they express themselves. By being an effective communicator, a scout can be empowered to advocate for themselves and defend their ideals with others.

Engagement -Outings/Activities: The troop plans and carries out monthly outings and activities such as camping (car camping, backpacking, summer camp, beach and snow camping, long-distance camps, etc.), high adventure activities (backpacking, hiking, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, etc.), local activities (miniature golf, ice skating, attending local sporting events, etc.), and most importantly activities preferred by the scouts. These outings require planning by the scouts, effective communication with troop adult leaders to ensure activities occur as envisioned by the scouts.

Engagement- Serving Others: Two fundamental principles of Scouting are to “Help Other People At All Times'', and “Do a Good Term Daily.” scouts will serve their community by participating in activities such as the annual scouting for food, helping at local kitchens and food pantries, trash and creek cleanups, helping restore local habitats in our parks and creeks, and partnering with local agencies that help the neediest in our community. Engagement with the community at large requires effective leadership and communication skills which are a key focus of the troop

Advancement: Many individuals join scouting for the outings, camaraderie, and the journey of adventure. Earning badges and patches may not be at the top of their list. This is perfectly normal. Each troop member will, by necessity, earn the first ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. These ranks teach the basic skills of scouting. Mastering these skills enable the scout to actively participate in most of the various troop outings and activities. Some scouts will want to earn the Eagle Scout recognition from their first day of putting on the uniform. The troop adult leaders understand these differences and will ensure that each and every scout is able to achieve whatever rank they choose to. All of the key Committee members and Scoutmaster corps have watched their sons earn their Eagle Scout award.

COVID-19: Provisions/Response: The troop scoutmaster corps and committee have developed a plan for meetings, outings and advancement that complies with State and local Covid-19 restrictions and protocols. Video based meetings combined with on-line training sessions and periodic in-person gatherings in which social distancing, masks, temperature checks, and frequent hand washing, to mention just a few actions, will occur to enable each troop member to quickly become engaged and involved with scouting. Our safety protocols will be in place until the restrictions are lifted by county and state authorities.

If you are interested in joining or want more information: