Troop 942g - Boy Scout adventure, just for girls

(formally known as Troop 2942)

Troop 942g is a brand-new addition to the Twin Valley district, and is being formed expressly for girls age 11-18. It is part of Scouting, USA (also known as Boy Scouts of America).

What can you expect?

  • Adventure: Go camping, biking, kayaking, hiking and other adventures you can choose with your troop.

  • Leadership: Understand the basics of leadership, work with other scouts to complete a project using scouting principles.

  • Advancement: Based on the Boy Scout handbook, youth work towards rank advancement by learning skills and taking on leadership roles in the troop.

  • Fun: Meet girls with similar goals, make new friends, learn new skills, wear a neat uniform, get involved in community events and become a troop decision-maker

What are the membership qualifications?

Young girls at least 11 years old that have an interest in camping outdoors, learning the patrol method, serving in leadership positions and participating in troop activities.