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Welcome to the official website of Pack 22, Troop 22 and Troop 5022 of the Tarrytowns! The Pack and Troops have a long and rich history serving the community and building tomorrow's leaders in a character building, faith based program based on family values, personal responsibility and respect for one self and others.   

Troop 22/5022 is the Scouts BSA organization and includes boys and girls from sixth grade up until their 18th birthday. The Scout program, while based on the same underlying principles for all of scouting, is more independent and provides scouts involved the opportunity to develop and build their own calendar and schedule of service and activities.  

Pack 22 is the scouting organization for Cub Scouts and includes boys and girls in the first through sixth grades. Cub scouts meet in groups called Dens according to their age/grade. As a den, they meet a few times a month learning new skills and working towards their age specific badge. The Cub Scouting program operates strongly with the family and provides scouts with an opportunity to explore and grow with the help of their family. 

All scout organizations require a sponsor and both the Pack and Troop are proud to be chartered by the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns where meetings and events are frequently held. The church is conveniently located on Broadway (near Main street). 

The Pack and Troop are also members of an even larger organization called a district. We are a member of the Mohican District which is part of the Greater Hudson Valley Council. The district and council maintain their own website to which this site predominantly links.   

Here is a small sample of things you will do in scouts:

Knot Tying

Square Knot, Taut Line, and Double Half Hitch are just some of the helpful knots you will learn.

First Aid

Ever seen someone get hurt butdon't know how to help? Well, in scouting you will learn lot's of important first aid. Minor burns, cuts and scrapes, snake bites, and more!

Community Service

In scouting, you will help your community in many ways including park cleanup, placing flags on veterans grave, handing out water at community events, and more!

Camping and Fire Building

Camping with your troop can be great fun! You will learn how to set up tents and you will play fun games.

Possibly one of the most important skills, fire building will help you learn how to build fires. Fires can keep you warm and give you light. They can also be used to cook delicious food!


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All are welcome to join and should explore this site, come to one of our meetings and reach out to our leaders. 

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Our calendar shows when we meet and where we are camping or performing service. 

Mr. Doug Bloom, 

Scoutmaster Troop 22,


Mrs. Linita Metrikaite, Scoutmaster Troop 5022, 



Mr. Fred Silva, 

Committee Chair 22/5022, 


The Scouting program runs from Tigers, Cub to the BSA 

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