The 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

Alexandra Talty

Head to San Antonio, Texas for a domestic budget travel gem in 2019.

With great eats and fabulous architecture, Puebla, Mexico should be at the top of your cheap destinations for 2019.

Thanks to low-cost carriers, getting to Hawaii is cheaper than ever before making it a budget traveler's dream

A remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean, St. Helen is off-the-beaten path but it's worth the trip in 2019.

The Province of Laguna in the Philippines is one the best budget travel destinations for 2019

Activities like paragliding are much cheaper in the Balkan Peninsula than they would be in other parts of Europe

Agra, India is home to one of the most famous destinations in the world... and it's also a cheap destination for 2019.

With gorgeous architecture and a great food culture, Buenos Aires is at the top of every cheap travel list

If you want more than the bustle of Belgrade, head outside to the city to Uzice for some beautiful nature

Taipei is Asia's hidden gem... and the city might want it that way. But don't leave this cheap capital off your list for 2019.