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Renegade Soccer Training - This is a great video to improve your overall foot skills.

1000 Touches - Ways to improve your touches.

Preseason Conditioning - Drill to get you ready for the season.

Conditioning - more conditioning drill and exercises

Agility Ladders - Great foot work

Summer Running - To help get you ready

NDA Student Handbook

Conditioning Tips

Make a point to be ready to play!

The dynamic, nonstop action of soccer demands that players develop and maintain high levels of physical fitness. Endurance is needed from all players for eighty minutes. Quick bursts of speed are needed to explode past defenders, recover from tackles, and move quickly into position. Power is needed for explosive movements, jumping to head the ball, shooting at goal, and hitting tackles. Finally, flexibility and agility are needed to move efficiently while helping to prevent injuries.

Our progress as a quality program is at a stage where we are one of the teams to beat. As a squad we need to be prepared to meet any challenges that may face us. Every player will need a high level of conditioning. Remember that once the season begins players need to concentrate on skills and tactics. Preseason is used to sharpen speed, endurance, skill and develop the team structure. It is not for getting in shape. Thus the year can be divided into five units. Each section will have specific goals to be achieved. If these are not followed, you as a player will suffer which means the team suffers. Certain sections remain constant (weight program) and others will change (running) depending upon the time of the year.

Agility Ladder

Preseason Conditioning – Mild

Preseason Conditioning – Intense

Summer Running

Conditioning Definitions

1000 Touches

Weight Training

12 Week Preseason Conditioning Plan