NanoEngineering and Technology Society

What is NETS?

Our name stands for the NanoEngineering and Technology Society. We are an undergraduate student organization dedicated to building and supporting the UC San Diego NanoEngineering community of students, faculty, and corporate affiliates.

As part of this mission, we conduct social, academic, networking, and professional development events. In addition to this, we support multiple research and outreach opportunities. Join us and be alongside some of the most innovative minds in the new and exciting field of NanoEngineering at UCSD!

Members get to collaborate with other like-minded people, and learn about new and exciting discoveries. Meanwhile, our professionally-oriented events help prepare our members for future success.

Meetings are open to everyone, and we are always looking for new members. So even if you aren't a NanoEngineering major, come and participate in the forefront of science!

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