Tristan Reed


Tristan Reed is an economist for the World Bank's Development Research Group, working on topics in industrial organization relevant to public policy. Alongside research, he has advises lending operations in Africa and Asia. Prior to joining the Bank, Tristan was an associate of McKinsey & Company in Lagos, Nigeria. A native of California, he holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and a B.A. summa cum laude from UCLA.

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I am on the advisory board of Research in Color, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of Ph.D. students of color in social science. Sign up to be a mentor or mentee!

Journal Articles

  • Financing Vaccine Equity, with Ruchir Agarwal. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 10067. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol. 38 no. 4, October 2022

Video Policy Research Talk. Summary by Glassman et al. May 2022 "Rapid and Equitable Access to Medical Countermeasures: Lessons, Landscape, and Near-Term Recommendations" brief for 2nd Global COVID-19 Summit. Summary in Devex.

Relation to literature in Development Impact

Supplementary history of The Chiefdoms of Sierra Leone. Relation to literature on local government reform in Vox-EU

Working Papers

This paper was the basis of Goldberg's 2021 Presidential Address to the Econometric Society. Earlier version circulated under the title "Income Distribution, International Integration and Sustained Poverty Reduction" available as NBER Working Paper No. 27286 and World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 9342. Non-technical summary in Vox-Dev

World Bank Group Publications

Lead author. This will tell you all you need to know about ESG and Impact Investing

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Slides from June 2 Presentation at Center for Global Development. Previously presented April 14 at the G20 High Level Independent Panel Small-Group discussion on R&D, Procurement and Manufacturing for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. World Bank Policy Research working paper no. 9632. Press references: Economic Times April 25. Financial Times April 25. Project Syndicate May 13. The Economist May 27

Brief prepared for the ACT-A Diagnostics Working Group