Travel not only stirs the blood, it also gives birth to spirit

Travel provides us with immeasurable opportunities to enhance, enrich and expand our lives as we encounter a myriad of novel customs, fresh faces and magical movements that transform the way we think and feel.

Round the year students of various classes are taken for excursions to different places both local and outside Delhi/India. The school makes it a point to arrange tours, trips and picnics to various places. The trips are both educative and entertaining. It gives an opportunity to the students to interact with their teachers and peers in an off school environment.

Few spots generally visited by the students are : National Science Center, Bal Bhavan, Gandhi Museum, Mughal Garden, Eco Adventure Camp, Mussorie, Nanital, Agra, Manali, Movie Shows organized by School, HT (PACE) and TOI(NIE) are favourites among students.

Nursery Kids are frequently taken to nearby parks to make them environment friendly.The aim is to inculcate love for nature in their tender minds.