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Farmer Octopus

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Leila's Little Luvies

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Sharing God's Love One Luvie At A Time

Each Luvie is handmade upon ordering, and can include a Bible verse tucked away inside.

Cute Animals

Mouse Eating Cheese

Baby Blue Bunny

Sailor Octopus

Guinea Pig

Fish in a Tank

Cluck, Cluck Chicken

Other Items

Potted Cactus with Name on It

Unicorn basket

Ice Cream

About Leila

(CCO) Chief Creative Officer

Hi! My name is Leila. I live in Virginia, and always loved crafting. When I was about 8, my Grandmother came over to live with us for a while. While she was there she taught me how to crochet, and bought me all the supplies I needed. Unfortunately, after she left, I forgot basically everything, and never touched a crochet hook for years. Then, when I was about 10, a pair of sisters joined my school and I realized that one of them knew how to crochet. She was nice enough to re-teach me how to crochet, and when I went home, I found a book on crocheting amigurumi, which is a Japanese style of crocheting stuffed animals. Soon, I started making and selling cute stuffed animals. Now, almost two years later, I include little Bible verses inside the stuffed animals so that they share God's love wherever they go. I would like to thank my Dad, who took me to the store so many times, my Mom, who helped my business grow, my sister, who helped me with all the craziness of business, my Grandmother and friend, who taught and re-taught me how to crochet, and you, for helping the business. Thank you all so much!

-Leila B.

About Gabrielle

(CBO) Chief Business Officer

Hello! My name is Gabrielle! I'm Leila's big sister, and her business manager. Leila does the crocheting, and I do everything else. Emails, money, advertising, convincing my friends to sell crochet creations, you name it, I do it! I love my "job", and I love working with my sister.