You can make a reservation of any product at any time. A down payment of $100 is required to reserve a whole or half hog.


Xtra Sage Sausage- $6 per lb Mild Breakfast Sausage- $6 per lb

Hot Breakfast Sausage- $6 per lb Maple Sausage- $6 per lb

Smoked Uncured Pork Side Meat Sliced..... aka "BACON"- $10.00 per lb

Bone in Chops- $6 per lb

Boneless chops- $6 per lb

Boston Butts- $6 per lb

Whole hog-$3.00 per lb hanging weight plus processing

1/2 hog- $3.25 per lb plus processing

Hog Weight Information-


Whole Bird- $15.00

Eggs- $3.00/Dozen


(By request)

Whole Bird- $40.00