TRIO fenix

The best Partner on international trade

We are specialized in helping brands enter and grow in the international market, specially in Brazil.

About us

Located in Portugal, a strategic location for the connection between Brazil and Europe. We embrace projects together, and advise on proposals and opportunities. Our attention is focused on each case, we give priority to quality rather than quantity, always with a focus on Sustainability.

Our goal is to work with a more sustainable trade, aware of the impossibility of creating a generality, we optimize each process so that the result contributes more positively than negatively.

Planning - Entry and growth in the Brazilian market requires strategic planning and attention in several key steps for the success of the operation.

Knowledge - With more than 20 years of experience, we have identified the reasons and the biggest difficulties that brands face coming to Brazil. This knowledge has been fundamental to create a complete and truly effective service.

Flexibility - Our capacity to adapt due to our team composed of people from different cultures, nationalities and customs. Our strategic location with offices in Europe and Brazil, as well as different collaborations in several countries.

Support - Support throughout all the process is the key to success. Because it is a personalized service, tools are built and adjusted with focus on each customer success.

Partnership - Throughout the work process, we act everyday as part of your team in an active and dedicated way. The result is a true partnership and not just a buyer/seller relationship.

Ways to international markets

Market diagnosis

Understand what markets are looking for.

Strategic planning

Define a conscious strategy

Technique and Regulations

Guarantee the regularity of your products.

Fashion and Apparel

Auto parts


Pet care

Dry and Frozen Food

Alcoholic drinks

Home Decor