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12/8/2021: Terry Hacket Inducted into TFF Hall of Fame


If you missed the TFF Holiday Social Monday night, you missed a really good time. You also might not have heard yet that in a surprise presentation Terry Hackett was inducted into the Triangle Fly Fishers Hall of Fame!

Terry has been a key member of TFF for more than 20 years.You all know him as our outstanding president the last several years, but many of you may not know that this is actually his second stint as our president; his first term was in 1999! He also served as Vice President in 1998, and as chair of the Conservation Committee and editor of the newsletter back in those days. In 2001 Terry started the Haw River Derby, which was an annual fishing and trash collecting contest on the Haw River during the white bass run each spring. That event continued for at least 9 years. It was the precursor of the stream team competitions we have now. From 2002-2004 Terry served as an instructor for NCTU’s Rivercourse (fly fishing youth camp).

Over the years Terry served as a board member, organized many TFF group fishing trips, helped with many a TFF Pig Pickin’, donates a great companion trip our fundraiser each year, and has handled countless other volunteer tasks behind the scenes. In addition to handling the routine tasks of a TFF President Terry has revitalized our annual budget planning process, helped develop new events, brought new energy and organization to the chapter, and has empowered many other volunteers to help TFF go. On top of everything else, Terry has done a great job creatively leading TFF through the uncharted waters of the pandemic.

Terry will be the first to tell you that these and many other accomplishments could not have happened without the help of many other people. His desire to recognize the volunteer efforts of others motivated the recent establishment of the new TFF Service Award (fittingly, preparation for Terry’s induction to the Hall of Fame was already underway before he initiated that effort; we’ve been waiting quite a while for an appropriate in-person event to make the presentation).

We are pleased to recognize Terry as the newest member of the Triangle Fly Fishers Hall of Fame. On behalf of all TFF members past and present, thank you Terry!

Jim Rice,

Chair, TFF Hall of Fame selection committee

Terry Hackett, the newest member of Triangle Fly Fishers Hall of Fame, along with HOF members Jim Rice, Jim Cappy, Malcolm Finlayson, Judy Bailes and Harry Bailes. HOF members not present: Jim Burchette, Buzz Bryson, Pete Zwadyk(deceased), Ed McGee (deceased), Ned Jones, Terry Suess, John Leraas.

12/7/2021: Hall of Fame and Annual Service Award Nominations

Attention Triangle Fly Fishers!

The nomination period is now open for the TFF Hall of Fame Award and the TFF Annual Service Award. Please see the criteria and nomination information below, and nominate any members you think are deserving of these awards (it’s not hard!). Nominations are due by 5 PM on Monday, January 31st. Awards will be presented at the business meeting in March, 2022.

Hall of Fame Award Criteria

Induction into the TFF Hall of Fame is the highest honor TFF can confer on one of its past or present members. It recognizes individuals with an extraordinary, sustained record of contributions to TFF. Such contributions can take many forms, both formal and informal. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Service and leadership in one or more TFF officer, board, or committee positions (note: while many (though not all) HOF members have served as TFF president, it is not a past-President award)

  • Organizing or assisting with outreach or educational activities such as workshops, demonstrations, classes or seminars regarding introduction to fly fishing, conservation, etc.

  • Leadership and/or involvement in programs such as Wounded Warrior, Casting for Recovery, fly fishing youth camps (e.g., Rivercourse), etc.

  • Efforts to recruit individuals, especially youth, women and minorities to TFF, fly fishing and conservation

  • Planning, coordinating and/or assisting with fundraising efforts

  • Representing TFF to the NCTU council, FFF, state or federal agencies, or other organizations

  • Leading TFF outings such as stream improvement projects, stream cleanups, etc.

The Hall of Fame award, while considered annually, will not necessarily be awarded annually given the extended duration of exemplary service it recognizes. Members previously inducted into the TFF Hall of Fame are:

2001: Jim Burchette, Malcolm Finlayson, Jim Rice

2003: Harry Bailes, Judy Bailes, Buzz Bryson, Pete Zwadyk

2005: Ed McGee

2007: Jim Cappy

2017: Ned Jones, Terry Suess, John Leraas

Service Award Criteria

The TFF Service Award is presented to a TFF member or group of members (e.g., a committee or group working together on a particular project) to recognize an exceptional record of service to TFF over the previous calendar year. The primary difference in criteria for the Service Award and the HOF award is the time period covered (contributions over the previous calendar year vs. over an extended, multi-year period). Members may receive this award more than once. While TFF officers and board members can be considered for this award, they should be evaluated primarily for contributions above and beyond the normal responsibilities of their elected position.

Nomination Process

Any TFF member or group of members can submit a nomination for either award. Nominations should include the following:

  • Name of the individual(s) submitting the nomination.

  • Name of the nominee(s).

  • Which award the candidate is being nominated for.

  • One to two paragraphs describing the contributions of the nominee(s) to TFF and why they are deserving of the award.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame Award should be submitted by email to Jim Rice, Chair of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee ( The HOF selection committee consists of all living HOF members.

Nominations for the Service Award should be submitted by email to Hudson Haines, Chair of the Service Award Selection Committee ( David Anderson and Bill Waring are the other committee members.

Selection of recipients for each award requires approval by at least two thirds of the selection committee.

Nominations for both awards are due by 5 PM on Monday, January 31st.

For more information on TFF's two award categories, you can access the award policy document here:

Thank you,

Jim Rice, HOF Selection Committee Chair and Hudson Haines, Service Award Committee Chair