What Can I Do?

We know that Fremont has the lowest tree canopy of 11 Bay Area Cities.

Check the graph below from the 2021 City of Fremont Tree Survey count.

Urban Foresters also know that the best place to plant trees is in neighborhoods that are missing street trees.

There are thousands of homes without trees, without shade and beauty.

Many trees have aged out and not been replaced over time. Homes WITH trees sell, on average, $20,000.00 more than homes without trees.

Trees look attractive, their shade keeps homes cooler in the summer, sequesters carbon while producing oxygen, and takes in toxic chemicals as well. Trees can play a pivotal role in the response to climate change and you can make the difference.

Fremont and Tri-City Urban Forest Alliance are teaming up to offer free fifteen gallon street trees in neighborhoods missing trees. Approved species that are drought tolerant and resilient to climate change will be planted on future dates in the cool months by volunteers.

We need volunteers to go in pairs door to door with this offer. First you will receive training so that you can be confident and knowledgeable.

If you miss out on the initial canvassing class and date of Oct. 16th, 2021- sign up below on the Urban Forest Friends Volunteer Registration form for future Canvassing training and opportunities to canvass and/ or plant trees.

We plan to offer this program to many more neighborhoods on an ongoing basis.