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Recipe Share and Dare!

Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with your fellow TRHS Students and Families? Please send it to and we will feature a new recipe every month (or more often if we receive them). We dare you to try our favorite recipes and share a picture to the above email. We will post the pictures here.

This months recipe is Perfect Paleo Brownies by 40 Aprons and it is shared by Bodhi Cretzman who had them on his Birthday. Follow this link for the recipe

Art Share!
This picture was by cat lover

Dylan Cretzman!

Share your pictures by email to have them featured here!

The email is

What's your favorite book or series?
Let us know why.

Maybe your favorite book will become a classmates new favorite!

Send an email to
with a short writing of why you love your favorite book and what it is.