Trenton Herriford

Ph.D. Candidate

The University of Texas at Austin

**I am on the job market this academic year (2023-24).

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 Working Papers

"Expected Wage Cuts and Job Search

Job Market Paper

Abstract:  In standard models, workers' expectations about their future real wages determine how much they search for new jobs. But using a panel survey, I show that predicted job search doubles for individuals who expect nominal-wage cuts—even after controlling for their expected real wages. I then develop a search-and-matching model with on-the-job search. The model's main feature is a dynamic game of search and wage setting between matched workers and firms. Adding behavioral worker preferences to the model reproduces the sharp increase in search when workers expect wage cuts, and this mechanism endogenously generates downward nominal wage rigidity. When I calibrate the model to match workers’ job-search response to expecting wage cuts, I find this behavior can explain 2/3 of observed wage freezes.


"The Term Structure of Monetary Policy Uncertainty

(with Brent Bundick and A. Lee Smith)

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Accepted

Monetary policy announcements alter uncertainty surrounding the entire trajectory of future interest rates, and this helps explain the effects of forward guidance. 


"How Do FOMC Projections Affect Policy Uncertainty?

(with Brent Bundick)

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Economic Review 102(2), Second Quarter 2017

Measures of uncertainty fell after the FOMC began releasing its interest rate projections; however, uncertainty is significantly correlated with disagreement across participants’ projections.

(with Huixin Bi)

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Macro Bulletin, September 27, 2017

State and local pension plans are increasingly turning to alternative investments, but underfunding only partially explains this shift. 

"Does the Recent Decline in Household Longer-Term Inflation Expectations Signal a Loss of Confidence in the FOMC?

(with Brent Bundick, Emily Pollard, and A. Lee Smith)

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Macro Bulletin, June 21, 2017

Households have lowered their longer-term inflation outlooks, but they appear confident in the FOMC’s ability to achieve stable prices. 

"How Does a Rise in International Shipping Costs Affect US Inflation?

(with Elizabeth M. Johnson, Nicholas Sly, and A. Lee Smith)

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Macro Bulletin, December 1, 2016

While international shipping costs are generally not included in import price indices, an increase in shipping costs still leads to a modest boost in core inflation after one year.