TREMO road mirrors round rectangular car park

TREMO road mirrors round rectangular car park

We are a family company with many years of experience in interior design using glass elements. Our projects can be seen at The leading production in the company are: traffic mirrors, parking mirrors, garage mirrors and shop mirrors, which provide work comfort and safety in public space, road traffic. Aesthetic appearance, high quality, excellent durability and resistance to weather conditions are the main features of our products. Due to the professional approach and recipients' trust our traffic mirrors can be found all over the country. We invite you to cooperation.

Rectangular traffic mirrors

Round traffic mirrors

Ice free mirrors

Parking mirrors

We are a manufacturer of road mirrors in the full dimensional range that define technical conditions for road signs and signals published in the “Dziennik Ustaw Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej, załącznik 1-4 do rozporządzenia Ministra Infrastruktury z dnia 10.04.2008”. The legislator has defined road mirrors in two categories: round convex mirrors as type U-28a and rectangular convex mirrors as type U18b.

Pier glass of mirrors are made of vacuum technique using aluminum of four-ninth clearance, as a material used high-quality acrylic or polycarbonate panels with a very high transparency factor. Casings are made of PVC or ABS. The characteristic ribs in our casings provide exceptional resistance to wind and dimensional stability. Our mirrors are made of high-quality materials resistant to UV therefore they do not lose color and perfectly withstand changing weather conditions.

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