An ill-tempered, but gentle alien has summoned five of the most renowned federation captains from across space and time to the planet of Delta Fawcett Four. There, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew face off against Professor Xavier’s Enterprise D, Voyager, that weird looking spiky thing from DS9, and the “guy from Quantum Leap” Enterprise in a forgettable, but timeless tournament that will leave your sides half-split with laughter.

Kirk's woman is taken hostage by an evil alien that has been knocking around the galaxy. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock beam down to rescue Kirk’s beautiful space vixen, only to be taken hostage by Captain Pike in a pimped out wheelchair.

If you were a fan of Star Trek vs. Batman, you will love this wacky incarnation that answers every fan of Star Trek has asked since 1987… could Kirk lay down the smack to Picard?

But the shenanigans and skullduggery don’t stop there. A surprise ending will have you scrambling for the “stop” button as Captain Kirk goes on trial for being human. Trained physicians will be on standby as you fall helplessly in love with the universal answer to what all Trek fans want to know… when will Shatner take off his toupée?