Through the eyes of local guides, you will have unique experiences with ethnic minorities’ daily routine or sightsee the spectacular scenes.

Sapa-a small village in the northwest of Vietnam is an attractive place not only by the breathtaking landscapes but also originally diverse local guides and there are many Sapa local tours for your choices. Sapa and the hill tribe villages surrounding Sapa town, home of six ethnic minority groups: H’mong, Dzao, Tay, Xa Pho, and Kinh. H’mong and Dzao are mainly populations in Sapa District.

Visiting Sapa, you should choose a private local tour which is considered for one of the most interesting Vietnam local tours and the local guides are also dedicated and enthusiastic who will help you completely understand about their custom and the culture of other different ethnic groups of the area.

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The expert local guides have profound understandings about custom and also minorities’ daily routines addition to that since they were born and grew in these tribe hill villages, the mountain ranges so they know the routes like the back of their hand.

You should visit website or to find a reliable guide as the guides have been accredited with Local Tour Guide Licenses, you will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and also discover the spectacular landscapes from enthusiastic local people. There is the various kind of Sapa local tour ranges from conquering Fansipan-the roof of Indochina to villages Sapa town trekking and based on your references.

Conquer Fanssipan

Locating nearby Sapa town, Fansipan summit is famous to almost travelers, currently, cable car system was installed help to reach the Peak easier but reaching the Indochina roof after overcoming difficulties and soak in the breathtaking natural scenes, spectacular beauty of clouds on Hoang Lien Mountains and cultural life moment of ethnic in the Northwest area.

From September to April is known as the most suitable season to climb Fansipan, however, it is more wonderful if you start your trekking at the end of February while numerous flowers are full bloom.

There are 3 routes to get reach the Peak, based on your time, your health and your skill level to choose the proper route. As beginners, Tram Ton route is popular and easier compares with 2 other routes. Initial stage, you cross the Hoang Lien national park through thick forest and beautiful stream, in this stage, the road is quite easy, while moving, you absolutely surprising about ethnic posters’ strength, they are small but having superpower can carry the huge packets in your back and rhythmic movements

They help you to carry food, tens, and others related.

Posters in the Tram Ton route

Posters in the Tram Ton route

During your journey, you could talk to guide about their custom, traditional or even strangle vegetation you encounter. The more you climb up, the more you soak in magnificent landscapes, the lush green valleys, blue sky and floating cloud sea below your foot, it is really amazing.

Some noticeable things:

You should carry a backpack that weighs from 3 to 5 kg, obtaining water, chocolate, thick and thin clothes, this helps you move easily and conveniently.

It is better to select the shoes that are particularly designed for trekking. In fact, their friction can help you avoid falling during the hike.

Be highly aware of protecting forest and the environment..

Village trekking

Other ideal Sapa local tour is to discover the different cultural groups living in the area, along with trekking through gorgeous rice terraced fields, choosing an ethnic local guide with the profound knowledge, you will absolutely learn more about their tradition and daily routine. Ethnic minority women are known for making amazing textiles, ethnic women make clothing, wallets, stuffed animals, etc by hand. If you want to support them, be sure to bring a small amount of money with you during your trek, you could choose different levels of difficulty and different lengths based on your health and reference. There are several villages you should check, and the following is two tribe village you do not miss.

Ho Village

The road to the Ho village is quite winding, one side is the abyss, another side is the cliff, after difficult experiences on the way to there, you will not be disappointed by the pretty scenes, opening space and charming nature. Besides, in the most beautiful village, you could participate in activities and the community routine in cozy, friendly atmosphere. The Ho’s climate is quite warm compares with the rest of Sapa, the atmosphere ranges from 18 to 25 oC, you could immerse in to cool Lave stream, watch grandeur Da Nhay waterfall or Hoang Lien National Park.

Ho Village

Ho Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van home of Zay people, lies in the beautiful, peaceful Muong Hoa valley, in the front of the village is Muong Hoa spring, along the road to Ta Van is the winding trails of undulating hills. Both sides are terraced fields layers and the green of young corns and rice, these all objects are made beautiful combinations.

Most Zay people in Ta Van are still doing paddy fields, additionally, they could manufacture equipment to supply growing rice and daily activities, they often perform the repertoire of traditional culture as Mua Quat, Mua Then, Mua Khen, Nhay Sap and campfire night for visitors take part in. Visiting Ta Van, you also have the opportunity to enjoy some special local dishes made by Zay people and organic ingredients such as Thang Co, five colors sticky rice. In Ta Va there is the tens of homestays, convenience for your accommodation, gathering under the same roof, learn culture, lifestyle and Zay’s characteristic through guide’s stories will be a highlight of your itinerary.

In the strangle region, especially ethnic tribes with various ancient custom, the local guide is an effective way to learn new knowledge and avoid unexpected rudeness.

Ta Van

Ta Van


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