Frequently Asked Questions

Organization Specific Questions

What denomination is TREC International?

TREC does not identify with one specific Christian denomination, but rather believes that if we are in Christ, we are all members of one body, designed to be unified with one another under the leadership of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Fore more information, please see Our Beliefs.

What does TREC International believe when it comes to the local church?

We emphasize the church without walls. We go to those needing ministry rather than expecting them to come to us. The Church is not a building or a denomination. We the people of God are the Church, the physical representation of Christ on earth today. We are ministers of reconciliation and we seek to bring believers from many different Christian denominations together in ministry to freely give the hope of Christ and the forgiveness of sins to a dying world.

Mission Specific Questions

What does the cost of a TREC mission include?

The cost of your mission covers all ground costs in the location of your chosen mission. This includes your local transport, lodging, food, water, cooks, translators, ministry supplies, packing list, detailed mission information, an experienced TREC leader, and emergency support. Note: The cost of your mission does not include travel to / from the location of your chosen mission, but if you wish we can purchase your airfare for (if applicable), or personal spending / souvenirs.

What is the minimum/maximum number of participants required to operate a TREC mission?

TREC is committed to taking any size group to your desired place of missions.

When is the money for my mission due?

A deposit is required to secure each participant's space on a mission. The remaining balance will be due in one following installment. The 100% payment is due approximately 60 days prior to your mission start date. Please refer to the Financial & Mission Policies for specific and additional financial deadlines and policies. These deadlines should also be communicated to you via email as you approach your mission.

Do you have any preparation material for me (or my group)?

Yes, you will gain access to our preparation information, available for both individuals and groups, upon receipt of your mission deposit.

What security measures are taken to ensure my safety on a TREC mission?

TREC International stays educated and aware of the political situations in each country we serve in. We have been working in each location for a number of years and have an understanding of what is going on, yet we also partner with local ministries to ensure your safety. We would never send you to a country or a ministry location within that country if we felt it would put your life at danger. We do not allow participants to go anywhere alone or without a leader while on the mission. We strive to ensure safety on all of our missions, but we cannot control all situations. Please be in prayer for your team's safety before and during your mission.

If there is an emergency, how will we let the necessary parties know?

Your TREC Leader and ministry hosts have phones and will be able to contact the necessary parties if an emergency occurs. The best thing to tell your friends and family is "no news is good news", meaning that if they don't hear from you while on your mission, things must be going well. Be assured that if there is an emergency, we will follow our emergency protocol and all necessary parties will be informed.

How do I submit payments?

For more information, please refer to our Payments page.

I am fundraising for my mission. How do I send money to TREC International and how can my donors receive tax-deductible donations?

Please refer to our TREC International Fundraising Packet, which will answer all of your questions, provide you with fundraising ideas, a sample fundraising letter, and many more resources to make your fundraising process a success. Please follow the guidelines closely to avoid any mishaps with meeting payment deadlines or your money getting misplaced. All donors must donate directly to you by writing a check to TREC International. You will then follow the directions found in the TREC International Fundraising Packet to send us your money all at once.

When will I receive more information about my mission?

You will receive more specific mission information after you apply.

What will the week of our mission look like?

Unless previously communicated (custom groups), your team will be serving with one of our ministry partners for the entire week of ministry. For more information, please visit our Ministry & Schedule page.

Will I receive a ministry schedule prior to my mission?

You will not receive an exact ministry schedule prior to your mission unless you are a group leader and it has been previously discussed. More information will be communicated to you upon application to your chosen mission.

If I am not with a group, will I be able to communicate with the other individuals on my mission before arriving in the country of my chosen mission?

Yes, within the last month before your TREC mission, a Facebook Group will be created for you and your team to get to know each other. When the group is created, an email will be sent to you with the link to the group. If you do not have a Facebook account, now would be a good time to sign-up, even if it's just for this mission.

Is there a dress code for TREC missions? If so, what is the dress code?

Yes, there will be a dress code. We travel to many culture that are vastly different from our own, so please refer to the dress code section in the packing list you receive after applying to a mission. There you will find more specifics on specific dress-code for your mission. Remember, you represent God, our organization, and our local ministry partners. Modesty is the key in guiding decisions of what clothes to pack; a good rule of thumb: when in doubt, don't bring it.

After my mission, if I want to return with a team from my church or with a custom group, what do I need to do?

We always encourage continuing relationships by returning with your church or group to the same location year after year. If you would like to serve with your church at your previous ministry location, simply communicate with your church or group leaders first, gather and gauge interest from your potential group, and contact us communicating your desire to return and serve with your church or group. We will either setup a private custom mission for you (you choose dates that work best for your group) or if your group does not meet the minimum participant requirements, you will have the opportunity to join an already scheduled mission.

Can I add days to the end of my mission to include other activities?

You are free to do so, but know that as an organization, TREC International is not responsible for you or your well-being. If you choose to extend your stay after the mission, your TREC Leader can setup and lead you on extra excursions for an additional cost.



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