Treasury On Collins

Unique Experiences Set Small, Independent Hotels Apart From the Competition

Chain hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and lodges are the most common places for travelers to stay overnight or for an extended time. Another appealing option is the Boutique Hotel, which combines the best features of big hotels with the more intimate inns. These hotels generally have between 10 and 100 rooms and offer more personalized attention than tends to be true of the large chains.


The boutique hotels can provide a different experience than those with an enormous number of rooms. They are focused on providing customized service, getting to know the guests a little bit even if the travelers are only there for a short time. These establishments also are not cookie-cutter in design. They may have a specific theme or have been constructed within a historic building, retaining much of the original character.

Regular Visitors

This kind of experience brings travelers back again and again. People who must be in Melbourne on business quite often, for example, might always stay at the hotel Treasury on Collins because they enjoy their time there so much. If they stay for several days or weeks, guests like to have a suite or even a small apartment that feels more like home than a standard hotel room.

Restaurants, Food and Beverages

There typically is a restaurant within or next to the hotel, and it is intended to appeal to local residents as well as to hotel guests. At this particular establishment, for instance, a restaurant with a full bar is situated on the ground floor of the building. The guests will probably be just as likely to see Melbourne residents there as other travelers.

Guests can expect some complimentary food and beverages during their stay. A coffee pot in the room is a prevalent feature so nobody has to traipse to the lobby for their morning java. There may be a free continental breakfast and daily refreshments in a lounge area. Some guests especially appreciate a complimentary glass of wine in the early evening as they start unwinding after a busy day.

A Unique Experience

Times have changed from when most travelers were satisfied with an ordinary room in a lodging establishment that looked like nearly every other hotel in the city. There is a greater emphasis on fun and unique experiences now, not only during the activities people pursue while on the road but also when they return to their home away from home.