Chapter Sharing

April 27th, 2024 9:00-3:00

Paxson Elementary School

Our "chapter sharing" workshop is a chance for members of our orff chapter to share lessons and ideas from their own orff classrooms. This particular chapter sharing will feature members of our neighboring chapter, Inland Empire orff who are making the trip over from Spokane, Washington to share some fantastic lessons with us!

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Treasure State Orff is an affiliate of AOSA.  For more information about the American Orff-Schulwerk Association please visit aosa.org

“The American Orff-Schulwerk association strongly encourages members to be positive and discreet when discussing our organization, specific courses and/or teachers, and the Orff movement. The very nature of the Orff Schulwerk philosophy embodies a broad spectrum of expressions exploring different paths to arrive at artistic and educational goals. Members are encouraged to recognize and remain open to varied approaches and to celebrate both our differences and our similarities.”