Parking Buddy by TreadFIRE Electronics

A.I. Parking Assistant / Distance Sensor

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Parking in tight spaces has finally been solved!!!

About the Parking Buddy

Introducing the Parking Buddy. A simple device to make it easier to park in tight spaces. Have you ever needed to park in a small garage or a tight parking space? Ever use a hanging tennis ball or a piece of wood on the floor as a temporary solution, only to use this solution for years? Now with the A.I Parking Buddy, you never have to worry about hitting the front of your car with your garage wall or shelf ever again. The A.I. Parking Buddy uses internal Artificial Intelligence to learn your parking habits and adjusts when it flashes 'Red' based on your typical parking distance.

Retailing for $99 CAD, $75 USD

Kickstarter Early Access: 25% off

Launching on KICKSTARTER in December 2023

How does it work

It all started with a simple idea. Powered by a simple USB cable, Parking Buddy is made up of two modules connected by a three foot cable. One module is the display unit showing how far you are from the mounted sensor. The second module is the distance sensor module, which measures how far away you are. The Display module is designed to mimic the familiar traffic light signal we are all familiar with. Green - you are far away, Yellow - you are Midway, Red - you are getting close, and All Flashing - Stop Immediately !!!!

Prototype Ready

Display Demo

Parking Demo with Sensor

Installation is super easy

It's Small ! ... Really Small !!!

Pictured: Our current working prototype

Parking Buddy packs a lot of tech in two modules that are smaller than a deck of cards.

What's included:

Parking Buddy Display

USB Power Block

Parking Buddy Display

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