The Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Methods and Solutions to Urban Transportation Challenges

Date: June 4-5, 2022.

Location: Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science & Engineering University of Washington, Seattle campus.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

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Workshop Synopsis

With quickly growing quantity and variety of transportation data, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are revolutionizing transportation research from system management to automated vehicle and infrastructure control. Emerging AI technologies combined with other analytical methods will lead to improved scientific understandings, transformative informed decisions, and innovative, proactive management solutions of urban transportation infrastructure systems (UTIS). In this workshop, researchers from transportation and computer science disciplines will be invited to explore the frontiers of AI-empowered methods, solutions, and workforce development to urban transportation challenges. The workshop aims to identify the tremendous research and education needs and challenges, and further stimulate transformative research in both transportation and AI communities.

Workshop Schedule


Xuedong Huang, PhD

Key Note Address

XD Huang is a Microsoft Technical Fellow and Azure AI Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for Microsoft’s Azure AI engineering and research to bring the dream of making machines see, hear and understand human beings a reality. Huang has made contributions to the software and AI industry not only by his executive leadership but also through his scientific publications and inventing more than 170 US patents that impacted billions customers globally via Azure AI.

Session I: AI-Empowered Methods and Solutions for Smart UTIS Sensing and Monitoring

Xiaoliang Zhao, PhD

Director, Transportation and NDE, BlueHalo

Charles Chung

VP, Transoft Solutions Inc.

Po Yuan, PhD

Founder & CEO, Eyecloud.AI Inc

Sanjay Ranka, PhD

Professor, University of Florida

Session II: AI-Empowered Methods and Solutions for Emerging UTIS Operations and Control

Andreas Malikopoulos, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Delaware

Arun Sathanur, PhD

Senior Scientist, PNNL

Pitu Mirchandani, PhD

Professor, Arizona State University

Yafeng Yin, PhD

Professor, University of Michigan

Session III: AI-Empowered Methods and Solutions for Understanding Interactions between UTIS and Users

Chandra R. Bhat, PhD

Professor, UT Austin

Cynthia Chen, PhD

Professor, University of Washington

John Kenney, PhD

Director of connected vehicle research and a Sr. Principal Researcher at Toyota InfoTech Labs

Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

Session IV: The Potential and Limitations of AI Applications in UTIS Management

Yiran Chen, PhD

Professor, Duke University

Randell Iwasaki, PE

Leader, State and Local Transportation at Amazon Web Services

Maryam Fazel

Professor, University of Washington

Hani Mahmassani

Professor, Northwestern University

Organizing Committee

  1. Yinhai Wang, PhD (Chair) - University of Washington

  2. Lili Du, PhD (Chair) - University of Florida

  3. Hani Mahmassani, PhD - Northwestern University

  4. Xianfeng Yang, PhD - University of Utah

  5. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, PhD - University of Missouri

  6. Osama Osman, PhD - Leidos

  7. Samiul Hasan, PhD - University of Central Florida

  8. Zhe Jiang, PhD - University of Florida

  9. Simon Du, PhD - University of Washington.

Supported by

Upcoming - Phase II of this NSF workshop

Theme: Integrating AI in Transportation Infrastructure System Education and Workforce Development

Meeting Location: Orlando, Florida

Proposed Date: Dec 4, 2022