Intro to Google Classroom

At #ISTE18 Google announced a large update to Google Classroom. The first update is available to all teachers. On this site you will find information about the changes made to Classroom and where to find tools that have been moved.

You can also find information about Google Classroom here:

Video Tutorials

  • The Dashboard (your classes)
  • Creating a new class
  • Joining a class
  • Managing your classes
  • Classroom main menu
  • Managing Notifications

The Stream

The Stream is the main part of Google Classroom. Students can find all posts (announcements, assignments, & questions) on the stream. The newest items posted are always at the top. Students can identify posts by the icon next it it. Assignments have a clipboard icon and questions have a question mark icon.

Video Tutorials

  • About
  • Customizing the banner
  • Announcements
  • Reuse Post
  • Managing Posts
  • Managing Comments
  • Classroom Codes


Classwork is one of the biggest updates to Classroom. In the Classwork section is where you can create assignments, questions and topics.

Topics work differently now. Topics can only be created on the Classwork page. Topics now work more like folders instead of like filters. You can add your assignments and questions to Topics to help you organize those tasks. Students can find their assignments in the Classwork section or on the Stream.

Video Tutorials

  • Topics
  • Materials
  • Grading Assignments
  • Quiz Assignments
  • Questions
  • Reuse Posts
  • Class Calendar
  • Class Drive
  • Drag & Drop to Organize


In the new People section, you can add co-teachers to your class and manage your student enrollment. This is the place where you can also add parent/guardian emails so they can receive class summaries via email.

Video Tutorials

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Managing Students
  • Inviting Guardians


Google Classroom now has a built in grade book tool. With this tool teachers can see all the class assignments and student grades at one time. You can set up Total Points calculations or Weighted Points calculations. With these options you can set up custom assignment categories. Some Learning Management Systems (LMS) have a way to sync your Classroom grade book with the LMS grade-book. Ask your I.T. staff if your LMS will do this.

Video Tutorials

  • Grade-book Overview
  • Setting up grading

Class Settings

Class Settings is a new part of Classroom. The class code, stream settings and show deleted items switch can be found & managed from the class settings.

Video Tutorials

  • Edit name of class
  • Class codes
  • Stream settings
  • Show deleted items
  • Guardian summaries
  • Add Classwork to old Classrooms

Apps that work with Classroom

Below is a list of Chrome extensions and other online websites that work with Google Classroom. This means you will find the Classroom icon as a sharing option so you can quickly post a link to the site or resources to your Google Classroom page without having to go to Classroom.

The Extensions & Sites