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Saturday, June 27. More info.
July 14, 2020! More info.

REAGAN GALA 2020Mark your calendars for Aug. 21, 2020. More details at!
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GET INVOLVED:As always, we encourage everyone to get involved with a local club and help us reach more voters.


The Travis County Republican Party invites you to get involved and make a difference throughout the Austin metro area.
We are driven by three main goals:
  1. Elect more Republicans in Travis County and the greater Austin metro area,
  2. Expand the Republican voter base, and
  3. Stand for and actively promote the conservative Principles of the GOP.

Republicans represent the best of time-honored economic principles and moral values, which we actively defend in the capital of the Lone Star State and surrounding communities.
We have strong representation in our executive committee, vibrant Republican clubs and auxiliaries throughout the county, and loyal public service from among our elected officials with whom we share a close working relationship.
The tide is rising! We welcome you to join us, to get involved, and help us make a lasting impact for the future of our beloved community.

Countdown to next election: