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Health Risks Of Alcohol Abuse

Although drinking alcohol is legal, that doesn't mean that it's safe to consume. Alcoholism can lead to many different health risks and reports have stated that alcohol can be the cause of over 60 different diseases.

And that's not all. People are also at risk of injuring themselves and others whilst intoxicated - and it can lead the abuser to have some legal issues, too.

Reduction in red blood cells

Chronic drinking can cause the amount of red blood cells (which carry oxygen around the body) to be unusually and dangerously low - often due to a lack of red blood cell production. This can cause illnesses such as anaemia and can trigger a few unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, lightheadedness and a difficulty in breathing.


Drinking for a long time is could increase the risks which come when the body converts alcohol into acetaldehyde, which a dangerous and potent carcinogen.

The areas most affected by alcohol abuse are the mouth, esophagus, the throat (or the pharynx), liver, voice box (which is called the larynx) and also breast. The risk of getting cancer increases if a heavy drinker also has an addiction to tobacco.

Cardiovascular disease

A heavy consumption of alcohol can increase the chances of platelets clumping together into blood clots, which can lead to issues such as heart attacks and strokes. In a study which was made in 2005, researchers discovered that binge drinking actually doubled the risk of death among people who had previously survived a heart attack.

Also, heavy drinking can cause cardiomyopathy, which is a deadly condition where the heart's muscles weaken and then eventually fail. It causes unusual heart rhythms, such as atrial and ventricular fibrillation, too.

Atrial fibrillation occurs when the heart's upper chambers (called atria) twitch crazily instead of constricting rhythmically. This can cause blood clots, too.

Ventricular fibrillation can cause the same kind of twitching in the heart's key pumping chambers (which are called the ventricles). This can lead to a rapid loss of consciousness and - if they do not receive immediate treatment - even sudden death.

Alcohol Rehab

If you're an alcoholic, then any of these issues could happen to you. Rehabilitation can help to cure an alcohol addiction, which will make you healthier, and decrease the chances of these problems from happening.

There are also many different kinds of medical drug and alcohol centres and treatments on offer so finding one which suits you and your needs should be quite a simple task.

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