Do you have heterochromia in real life?

Maybe. I neither confirm nor deny!

Where did "Tranime" come from?

It all started in an argument on Whisper. Someone threw out the "trans are all obsessed with anime" stereotype, so I started replying to them with anime images and changed my display name to "anime girl", then "trans anime girl", and eventually, got the idea to smush trans and anime together for "Tranime". The name stuck, and my persona is a jab at the stereotype.

What's your issue with non-binary people?

Transsexualism is a medical condition. Non-binaries have decided their own label wasn't enough and have taken the trans label to give themselves legitimacy. They don't fit at all with transsexualism. If they wish to express themselves outside the "normal genders", I have no issue with that. To each their own. My problem with them is using my condition for political purposes.

Why do you refer to yourself as transsexual instead of transgender?

My gender never changed. I've always been a girl inside as far back as I can remember. My transition was my body's physical sex characteristics. Transsexual is a more accurate term. I also don't align with most of transgender politics and activism. They want to push for demedicalization of a medical condition, and fast track people through transition. Transition isn't a fashion statement and can be very dangerous. People need to be evaluated thoroughly before sent through the transition process. Only those who truly need it should be put through transition.

What character is your avatar modeled after?