About Tranime

Persona Name: Tranime Girl

Real Name: [REDACTED]


Gender: Female

Trans Status: Post-Op MtF

My Pronouns: "are f***ing obvious!"

Surgery Date: March 8th, 2017

Country: U.S.A.

I began my transition sometime in, I think it was, 2007, maybe 2008. It's been a while. I've known about my need to transition since my earliest memories, and the earliest I can remember attempting to make this known to anyone was first grade. I was given an assignment, to write, and draw, what we each wanted to be when we grow up. Many of my classmates had the usual answers of fireman, astronaut, policeman, or doctor. My answer was "a girl". This was the closest I could get to explaining the fact that, despite appearing as a boy on the outside, I was a girl. At least I can say I became exactly what I answered. Fast forward to 2017, and finally, finally, it's all done. All the set backs, all the pain, all the suffering, it's over. I'm as me as I can possibly be, and I couldn't be happier with myself.

So who is this woman I am? To anyone who isn't a total asshat, I'm very kind, very caring, and very loving. It's just who I am. I care deeply about my friends, and I care about my fans. I'm someone who just wants to go about her life without wrecking the lives of others, and hopefully brighten the day of people who's paths I cross. I don't like to see others suffer, but sometimes, feelings need to be hurt to get a point across. Sometimes, you have to inform someone they're being a moron. That said, I'm open-minded. I'm tolerant of many many things. I'm also open to criticism, and willing to admit when I've been wrong . My views may change as new information is presented to me.

I enjoy anime, which I'm sure you've figured out from my name. I listen mostly to house music, chill, and classic rock. (Who doesn't like ZZ TOP?!) I also enjoy video games, but I usually stick with older titles. I find that most things in life are best enjoyed with good friends. I love to socialize

My political views tend to favor personal freedom. I believe strongly in freedom of speech. No matter how strongly I might disagree with whatever you're saying, I will always be in favor of your right to say it. I believe there should be a safety net for when someone stumbles (welfare, food stamps, housing assistance), but a person's ultimate goal should be to get back up on their own two feet. I understand some people are too disabled to stand on their own, and society should help these people. However, every individual should be making their best effort to help themselves and stand on their own.

I do not respond well to threats, insults, or demands.