Trams in Adelaide

None operational

all remaining type H trams are in storage except 2 which are located in the ST Kilda tram museum, and other which are located at Sydney and Bendigo tram museums.

15 of these trams are currently operational numbered 101-115

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9 of these trams are operational numbered 201–209

These trams were ordered in from Madrid as surplus stock.

Trains in Adelaide

currently retired, these trains were brought in because when the red hens were running, they had wooden railcars that they would tow. After accidents they wanted to replace them so comeng built these.

The 3000 class railcar currently makes up most of the trans adelaide train fleet with 3000 units built by comeng and 3100 units built by clyde. These trains run with diesel engines to power alternators and electric motors to power the bogies.

The new A-city class trains are fully electric and run off a 15 kva overhead wires (catenary) and have a top speed of 110 km/h but are currently limited to a slightly slower speed since the rail network needs extensive upgrades and replacements.