Mark Walker

This website is an introduction to me. Hey, some web services require these kind of things. So, here is a description of me and who I am!!! (Please mind my Typo's!!!)

About Me

I am a teenage boy at the age of 16 1/2 who lives in Hemet, California. I currently go to Hemet High School and enjoy playing video games and playing sports and athletics. I occasionally go on the computer to research things of my interest and to waste time during lunch. Alot of the time, I occasionally go on the computer just to see certaint sports cars, and sometimes I just want to just play around on some things. When I have the time and the internet and money to do so, I will make random Youtube videos and random pictures and videos as well as play internet connected apps when I want to, as well as playing internet connected games on a console or PC. Right now I have a Playstation 4, a Playstation Vita, a tablet, an old smart phone, and a New Nintendo 3DS XL as my consoles for the moment. I also love to watch anime when I have the time to do so, and watch Youtube and do some other things on my leisure time. Watching anime would calm me down sometimes and it also inspires me, as well as sports and playing video games. I have a love for my hometown of Moreno Valley, and if you want to know, my favorite anime is Sword Art Online. I also watch TV once in a while, and will occasionally visit a certaint store to buy something I want. I also, obviously, like to listen to music. I usually like all genres of music, however I have a distinct love for country music.

Why I'm Who I Am

I had a very bad childhood, especially with my grandfather. Me and my grandfather used to fight occasionally, at least before he died. My grandfather's name is Farrell Jess Walker, he was a member of the Korean War and used to give out parts from broken airplanes to fix old and new ones. He was a big person in my life, and after his death I wasn't the only person who missed him. Right after he died, my whole family fought to get his stuff that he owned because they missed him, at least that's what I thought. I didn't know but after the first time I went into the foster system, he actually became my step dad before I went in the foster system for a second time. But, ater my grandma, Darlene Walker, died of cholen cancer, me and my grandpa constantly fought, which is still, to this day, a constant burden that I have long since had since I was first put into the foster system.