Real games:

  • Coming soon :)

Unsorted Not-So-Good games:

Alphabetworks is a game about typing out the alphabet over and over again.

'Unconventional Weapon' is a game I made for Ludum Dare 32; you just kind of explore and it doesn't really work as a game. Enjoy!

Corruption is a game about shooting some bouncing balls: it's not directly unfinished, but there are several obvious improvements that could have been made to it to make it into a significantly better game.

Missile Run is a single-button platformer made in Unity where you have to jump between missiles and attempt to survive for as long as possible, if you touch the ends or the bottom of the missiles, you die. You also die if you fall off the screen entirely.

Dog that jumps is a platformer with slightly randomly generated obstacles; you have to get to the end as fast as you can. Also you can jump backwards like in Mario. That's my favourite part.

Moodunnit? is a murder-mystery game set in a herd of cows, the objective is to kill the 'murderer cow' as soon as possible to prevent him from killing any of the 'innocent' cows.

Less-than prototypes:

Space-ship boarding game is a game about tiny ships inside bigger space ships; you can open the hangars doors of the bigger space ships to let the smaller ships cross-over and battle each other and take over the bigger ships.


Santa Goes to Christmasland 2: Revenge of the Baubles is a game I made especially for Christmas! 2014 Christmas specifically, it's great. It's just a really great game, and you should play it! Go ahead, it is great after all!


SHM Simulation is not a game, it is a physics simulation that demonstrates (to some degree) the concept of 'Simple Harmonic Motion', a type of periodic motion where the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement.

Pinpressions is a simulation of one of those "pinpressions" toys, you'll recognise it if you google it. The exported version you see isn't a good representation of the underlying simulation unfortunately. :(


Oranges is a story where you try and find oranges. It's not very long.