Trail Running Association Western Province

Our Mission

The Association is a public, non-profit organisation established for promoting the interests of Trail Running as a sport and recreational pastime in the Western Province, at all times conducting its activities in a manner that encourages the fullest participation of all the members and ensuring that such activities are for the benefit of and widely accessible to the general public.

The objectives of the Association are the following:

(a) To develop and foster the sport of Trail Running.

(b) To encourage its members to participate in Trail Running at all levels.

(c) Represent the interests of its members at all levels of administration.

(d) To ensure that Trail Running is conducted with due consideration for the environment and other trail users.

The Definition of Trail Running

Trail Running events take place on mixed terrain, typically hiking trails, footpaths, minor roads and tracks usually in coastal and mountain environments. To distinguish Trail from other running disciplines trail routes should include at least 10% footpaths or single track; Made up gravel roads and sections of tar should be kept to a minimum. Given the wide variety of routes and terrain that are possible, an essential element of a trail running event is the experience with nature the participant realizes during the activity.

Trail running shall include similar activities and variations in terms of distance and difficulty, known by different names such as Fell Running, Mountain Running, Mountain Racing and Sky Running.