by the kids in division 9

Welcome to the Trafalgar Read-a-thon website!

A read-a-thon is when we read and collect donations for charity. It starts on March 1 to March 31. Anyone from Trafalgar can participate.

There are two ways readers can participate:

  1. Keep track of how many minutes they read in March.


  1. Read for 20 minutes every day (If readers miss a day they can make it up another day) Make sure to fill in the tracking calendar every day.

There are two ways for sponsors to donate:

  1. Give $1 for each hour the reader reads.

  2. Donate any amount they choose.

Money raised is going to support BC Children’s Hospital and backpack Buddies. Money will be collected online at the start of April. You can download and print forms from the DOWNLOAD section of this website.

By the kids in Division 9

Readers need to...

  1. Download reading log form to record their minutes/days read.

  2. Download sheet to keep track of sponsors.

  3. Ask family and friends to support them.

  4. READ!

  5. Check in with their sponsors at the end of March and share how much they read...

Important information

  1. keep track of how many minutes you have read, for the day

  2. download the forms from downloads and print them

  3. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you

  4. If you really like to read, and you read a lot, then instead of your sponsors donating 1$ an hour they can chose how much they give so that it is not to expensive. It is there choice.

  5. Have fun, and it is not a race, so don't compete with your other friends.