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"I don't do computers"

That's a shame, because we really need more computer science teachers.

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OK, I'm interested...kinda...what is taught in Computer Science? How do I move into this subject?

First step to finding out more or getting help to teach computer science at PRIMARY and SECONDARY level is to create an account with the NCCE.

CLICK HERE to go to teachComputing.org and create your own personal account

You will find information about all the online and face-to-face courses that are available and how to join them.

Courses are continually being added so check the teachComputing.org website for up to date details.


Online courses are free and provide recognised certification to any who successfully complete each course.

Face-to-face courses are available with a significant bursary (around £440 per course)

"But I don't understand how to code!"

Computer Science is not just coding

Coding is often the one thing that puts people off learning to teach Computer Science. The thing is, up to GCSE level, coding is not that difficult and coding up to Key Stage 3 is not beyond anyone.

Learning to code is like learning a modern foreign language. It takes time and practice. Depending upon the amount of time you can set aside to learn, you could be confident enough to teach coding at Key Stage 3 within 6 weeks.

For more information contact: a.barker@trafalgar.wilts.sch.uk